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About The Book, Murder Behind The Closet Door, by Christopher Pinto

behind the closet door by christopher pinto

From the author...

"Murder Behind The Closet Door" is written in seven parts, with each part having its own distinctive 'feel' while maintaining the overall cohesiveness of style that intertwines with and compliments the story.

Although the story is told in third person, it is told by the point of view of each character as they reflect on the events in their own voice. This made the story a lot of fun to write, and to read. Through this style the reader encounters many unexpected and interesting changes in the form in which the story unfolds, often gaining insight into the characters' secret inner thoughts that ultimately motivate them toward the story's climax.

As a playwright, my main focus was on creating realistic yet interesting characters with motivation to forward the plot. I applied that experience to the characters in "Behind the Closet Door" to bring each of them a high level of individuality. i've drawn on real life experiences with people I've known over the years to create believable people to propagate the story. Through the use of speech style, accents, and thought processes, each character comes to life as a real thinking and acting person. At no point do my characters make contrived decisions in order to conveniently 'fit into' the plot...As I wrote, my characters made decisions based on the action taking place, and those decisions dictated the progression of the plot, adding to the spontaneity and charm of the book.

Many of the ideas I got for this book came from my experiences in Wildwood, Cape May and Ocean City. I had frequented Castle Dracula in Wildwood, going through the Castle and the Dungeon Boat ride several times over the years. The effects and props may have been cheesy, but they were scary and effective nonetheless. Add into the mix that I'd been to several old houses, rooming houses and other buildings on the islands that I honestly believe were haunted. One building was Elaine's Victorian Inn in Cape May, a 100+ year-old bed and breakfast that gave me a jolt on more than one occasion. Another was a B&B in Ocean City that just gave me a bad feeling all around. Several or the buildings at Smithville, NJ also gave me (and many others) the creeps. And, the 1928 bungalow I occupied in Northfield, NJ was absolutely inhabited by at least one spirit, if not more. These experiences added greatly to Murder Behind the Closet Door."


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