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Where Mystery Transcends Reality.

behind the closet door by christopher pinto

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Murder Behind The Closet Door,
The Wildwood Paranormal Murder Mystery By Christopher Pinto

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"If you like Stephen King, you'll love
'Murder Behind The Closet Door"

"It's like Mike Hammer meets Wendy Torrence"

"600 pages of spooky, well-crafted wow!"

Murder Behind The Closet Door
Where the mystery is inexplicable.
Mystery Novel by Christopher Pinto

“I like my mysteries 100 proof, shaken with the occult and chased with a shot of the good old days. If you're like me, "Murder Behind The Closet Door" is for you. The story is set in Ocean City and Wildwood, NJ during the late 1970s (with flashbacks to the '30s & '50s), and includes enough fun references to get the reader feeling like they were actually there.”
- Chris “Mack” Pinto
chris pinto murder wildwood

This full-length Wildwood murder mystery ghost story centers around a young woman who begins her career marketing an amusement pier on the world-famous Wildwood Boardwalk. Just as Heather's adult life really begins to blossom, her torment begins.

wildwood hudson house Not long after moving into her Wildwood Crest apartment in a 70 year-old rooming house, Heather's mundane life takes an uncontrolled turn toward insanity. Although she refuses to acknowledge it, a mysterious entity begins to taunt her, an entity impetuously determined to contact her through her bedroom closet. At first these mild encounters are merely disturbing....

Aspirations of a life of quaint mediocrity vanish as she and her friends try to discover the motives of her tormentor, finding that the truths in which she believed her entire life had been nothing but an elaborate veneer; a war-time mental patch covering much deeper, darker secrets.

A dilapidated house with an evil secret in the basement. An auto-wrecking yard with the devious, rusted remains of a murderer's getaway car. An unsolved bank robbery with hundreds of thousands of dollars never found. An old-time gumshoe detective trying to solve an age old murder before his ticker runs out. A slow, agonizing death for an unfortunate victim and his soul reaching from beyond...

"Murder Behind The Closet Door" keeps you engaged and guessing from the first paragraph. Creepy, riveting, this story reveals another existence, one just beyond our own, where the occult meets reality and everyday people find themselves swept into very extraordinary circumstances.

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